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Apr 15, 2021
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Please can someone tell me the CORRECT way to perform a luxury pedicure + manicure (that includes a mask, massage, exfoliation etc) i’ve seen that there are a few ways to do it but i’m not sure.
Different Brands will suggest the best method and process for their specific products, for instance some will suggest massage before warm booties/mits and soak for relaxation, others will suggest mask before massage to allow the products to soak in and activate if there is a particular reason such as hard skin softening, exfoliating, etc.

Techs often find a routine and treatment method that works for them and the type of services they choose to offer. Mobile techs may choose not to use a wax bath for instance as transporting them can be difficult.

There is no one way to do them, as long as you let the client know what to expect and add extras that elevate the treatment above your usual treatment menu you can name and perform your services however you choose, whilst following manufacturers instructions of course.

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