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Jun 8, 2012
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Hello everybody!

I am new to SalonGeek and also fairly new to the Beauty industry. I've been interested in makeup for about 8 years now and have always loved experimenting with new products and colours.

I recently started working with a company who are quite heavily involved with the beauty industry and so have been learning lots of new things about the industry and all of the different career paths you can take.

Becoming a mobile makeup artist is something I've been researching for the past few months and I want to enroll on a makeup course to see if it's something I like doing.

I live in the Derby area and have been looking at some home learning NVQ / BTEC qualifications and also a couple of 1-2 day courses with Pinks Academy through the Carlton Institute.

Can anyone recommend a good training school to go through or any home learning courses that would be beneficial for a beginner?
I trained with Jane Iredale. Both the training and the products were great and well worth the money. I did mine in Southampton but I believe they have venues all over. I would have loved to train with Illmasqua but it was about £5000! Maybe in the future. I haven't done an online course but I wouldn't feel confident no t having the hands on training.

Good luck if you do go ahead, it's so much fun :)

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