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Oct 15, 2010
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eek ive got my manicure assessment the 2nd week after the half term break..
we have to get assessed on a french polish and a dark polish...
this means im nearly on to my pedicure part of the course..... aarrgghh feet
ditto !!! our assessment is after half term to with manicures. But ours is on everything apart from we dont have to do french manicure , just normal polish.

cant wait for feet :D hhaa
im not a fan of feet lol, it mainly the acrylics i want to do, but know i need to know all this before i can do the acrylic...

we did a parafin wax treatment today.. it was lovely

just dont know how im going to afford to pay for the pedicure bit of the course then after xmas the acrylic part and the kit
we do acrylics with a different tutor , and manis and pedicure witha different tutor to. B4 we started the course we needed to buy a pedicure kit /mani kit as well as acrylics.

Ive also bought mani and pedi products for home use to.

are you wantin the tools for pedi? as my mum was doing course same as me , and bought everything. shes managed to sell everything with word of mouth by me at college. but still got pedi kit left x
ive already got my pedi kits as we had to get the mani and pedi kit before we started, we have to get the acrylic one in january
ah , we had to buy all lot b4 we started ! what you training in with college?
we are training in OPI
the products are from 'strictly professional'
i like the OPI polishes though
never even heard of that b4 !

yeh i love opi polishes , im addictid :rolleyes:. got everything of opi haha
When we first started doing pedicures I was absolutely dreading it!! :eek:I had such an aversion, (almost a phobia) to feet ever since I was little, but after cracking on with it I actually like doing pedicures now. I never would have believed I would. Did most people find that they were dreading pedicures when they started?
think they were ok until tutor started going on about verruca and other problems with the feet, including photos
feet dont bother me , as long as they are clean , and sanitised b4 i let my hands loose on them :lol:
omg yes!! Doing the case studies for verrucas and warts and having to include pictures. There was one picture that I included that freaked me out so much I had nightmares lol. Better stop talking about all that or I may have a relapse!lol

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