Manicure only course advice please ... urgent :-(


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Aug 16, 2003
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I seem to have the wrong end of a stick so maybe someone can help? I am looking to do a manicure course. I have done one with a previous company/trainer but looking back am not convinced it was as good as it could have been. I have signed-up for one with Creative but now find it is primarily a product based course, not a basic manicure course.

So, can anyone advise, can I do one? If so, how and where do I ask. How many days does it last. Roughly, how much?

Sorry it's lots of questions but I am annoyed with myself for maybe applying to do the wrong course, which is one I would prefer to do after the manicure 'proper' course.

Phew .........

Love from Somerset ................ Dee x are right - the SpaMan class teaches you how to use the system properly; it doesnot teach you bone structure etc etc... I am sorry if you were under the impression it did... it's also the same for SpaPed.... local colleges do manicure and pedicure product knowledge etc and we do as part of the Creative Completely Covered Class but that is a year long course!!
Put me right if you can please :) ??

I did the equivelent 4 day foundation course with NSI that gave me my nail tech certificate. That course included manicure techniques but did not obviously include a manacurists diploma.

OK, so now I want to do a 'proper' man/ped course but have discovered my local college only do this as part of a 3 year beuticians course!

So, what can I do from here? I am a nail tech trained by NSI have almost 12 month experience in salon, am still wanting to do the Creative SpaMan course, but have no apparent way to get good manicure training that results in a diploma.

Can I do it via one-to-one? Also ....... sorry if this is mixed up ........ on the Internet I see companies doing a ONE DAY manicure course with a diploma, yet a some colleges do the same but over 9 weeks!.

I am SO confused!! I want to get on and improve my knowledge and what I can offer the customer, but where can I start? Archhhh !

Can you or anyone help or advise .......... :-(

Dee xx
HI Dee

I'm starting a manicure course starting in in November through my local college. It will give me a certificate from City and Guild. I called learn direct and they directed me in a few different directions..gave me phone numbers of certain organisation and were generally very helpful...give them a'll get a load of info and can make an informed decision from there.


Thanks Mandi, will try that first thing in the morning.

I did not realise how complicated it can be and from reading some of the manicure courses advertised on the net (everything from 1 day to 3 years!) I got in a terrible pickle.

WIll try them in the morning :)

Thanks again

Dee x can all be quite confusing...hope you got some info this morning...or perhaps more confusion??? lol


When looking for training in my area, I had real problems, and had to do loads of ground work myself. However, I found that when I contact the Association of Nail Technicians, they were quite helpful, leading me to Creative their tel no is 01353 616534. Not sure if they can suggest Manicure courses, but may be worth a try.

I did a Bella Mani Manicure course before my nail extensions, the trainer was great, and their was anat and phys included, but it was only one day, and again really products based, with anat and phys thrown in. This is part of their Nail Tech 6 day course - but you already have enhancements.

I am glad I did it before the enhancement training, as I already had some knowledge, but dont know that I learned anything more than on Creative, just for me taught me massage and technique - order etc. I think it was £50 for a day and I know they train at Taunton, Exeter and Bournemouth, not too far. :?:

Anyway just thought this might be useful to you - I myself could only find long courses at for example East Devon College in Tiverton, to give actual diplomas.

Good luck
Lesleyx ;)
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