Marvelscara timings and questions?


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Miss Sylk

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Feb 27, 2008
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East Anglia
Im booked for my Marvelscara course in a few weeks and i have people waiting to be booked in but i dont know how long it takes to do it? Also my brides beauty regime starts just after i have finished course so i must for her sake ask a huge amount of questions below so i can sort her appointments and timings.

I am also going to team the marvelscara with the lash lift for a lovely result. Has anyone done this?

So my bride originally booked in for lash ext. for her wedding & honeymoon but now fancies the lash lift and marvelscara but i cant advise her whats best as i dont know how long the marvelscara lasts on holiday and in swimming pools, also does it tiicken and lengthen anymore than a regular mascara? it has fibres do they work like fiber mascara adding some length? and can i add a few cluster lashes with glue to lashes that have marvelscara on?

One more question, roughly how long should it take me at first and how long "should" it take me once im up to speed.
I can't tell u how long it takes as it depends on u so u will need to have a practice run to find out. The prep is the fiddliest part but I would say roughly 40mins to an hour.
The marvelscara thickens and looks fab but it doesn't lengthen at all and it's very important u are aware of this so u don't get a disappointed client. It's basically long lasting (3weeks) mascara, which is brill if that's what the client wants :)
I have used marvelscara on extensions and this worked really well!
My lady who has this has found its made her extensions definately last longer.

I hope this has helped u a bit!
Good luck :) xxx
Ooh just to add, u have to apply the marvelscara after the extensions, not before xx
wow over extensions??

yeah i am a fast worker, i do extensions in an hour but when i started took 2 hours at least. hmm... so ideally once competant 40mins to an hour? how long did it take you at first?

anyone done it over a lash perm/ LVL/lash lift?
Sorry, only just seen u replied, can't get my head round the forum lol

Yes over. Do bottom lashes first, then put extensions onto top lashes, then add marvelscara. If u do it the other way the lashes won't stay on. It's worked really effective. And about 40mins is a realistic time once u know what to do :)
Sorry I've not tried it with lash perm but I don't think u would need to. If u curl lashes first the marvelscara sets hard so will keep the curl x

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