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Apr 27, 2004
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:?: hi hope u dont mind this isnt to do with nails has anyone done a vtct in massage???
im interested more in indian head massage but they do 1 day courses but can i learn this in a short time???? or shall i do my vtct first????
I am a qualified beauty therapist so I already had done massage and anatomy etc for my original IHBC qualification many years ago. I recently did an Indian Head massage course at college which took approx 2 hours per week for over 18 weeks. You needed anatomy as a pre-qualification, which you need in order to pass the theory test. It does not bear much relation to my existing massage so there would be no problem if you did not have a massage qualification.:)

However,there is no way you could get what I would consider an adequate qualification in one day. I did numerous practical treatments within the class and a further 9 treatments as case studies at home. I also had to spend many hours doing homework and revision.

Whatever you do, make sure you are not just ending up with a qualification, if the training does not give you adequate skills to back it up in the real world!:sad:

good luck
hi thanxs for your opinion yes i think i will do my vtct in massage see how i get on then go on to indian head massage its just those corses are appealing as they say you can learn massage in 4 days and get a certificate for insurance but i cant see it myself

thanxs emxx

I'm just finishing my VTCT's in Swedish Body Massage and Indian Head Massage. My Indian Head Course has taken 15 weeks, after what we have learned I really don't think it is possible to do it in 1 day.

Most colleges offer courses like these so check around, it is worth it to get the right training.
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