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lisa pink

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May 22, 2011
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Hi all got a client about base 7 long hair use to have bleach fine foils really pretty col but wants to go a platinum blonde all over. Does tend to go slightly warm. What's best to use in matrix range ?
Use one of the new ultra lifts with 40vol. They lift 5 shades. The ul-p and ul-v are nice :)
Thankyou for your reply We just got those in I'll give it ago :) x
Personally to get it really light, I would use the V lights bleach then tone with SPV. Its my personal preference as I just couldnt get the clean liift on the Ultra high lifts on any base lower than a 9.
Hi is it ok to put the v lights bleach on the scalp ? What vol peroxide would you use? When I use highlight on myself I use 40 vols with no trouble .
You should never use 40vol with v lights. Use 20vol on scalp and if it doesn't lift clean enough maybe reapply with 10vol then use spv sync to tone x
Thank you for your help I'll let you know how it goes :)
Used v lights bleach 20 vols then put 11n & 11a to tone looks luvly really shiny and bright. Nothing lifts bright like bleach :)

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