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Apr 19, 2012
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Can anyone recommend a training provider that offers a mens manicure/pedicure course? I'm based in Bedfordshire
You can do a general mani/pedi course - the procedure is exactly the same, except, in general, you don't need paint the nails (unless that's what they want). If you are doing pedicures specifically for men, try to search for products that aren't TOO scented or have glittery bits in (you know what I mean). xx
Thanks Emily. Are you able to recommend a course provider that is well respected within the industry? Also, is it better to do a full mani/pedi course (including nail painting) and then just adapt for the male market or are there specialised courses designed for men only? Thanks
How about CND london with Ketan petel ? I did most of my mani & pedi training with him , with a Spa manicure or Pedicure the soak , scrubs , masques , calouse , cuticle care , massage techniques are compleetly unisex , it would only be the polishing part you might want to change up a little , maybe with a genourus solar oil buff ! or a coat of super matte ,

The CND products are also fabby for anyone , for manicure citrus is beautiful , and pedicure marine or earth spa products are to die for , not at all overly flowery and feminin IYSWIM .

not to bad a trip from where you are , quite direct on the train to kings cross , then down stairs to picadily line and over to alperton .
call sweet squared and they can hook you up with the right people.
Thanks geeks. Your help is greatly appreciated..

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