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Jun 28, 2013
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North Wales
Anyone heard of this? Is this any good? And indont mean the diacolour milkshakes
Yes it's an Italian brand, we had a Milk_Shake rep come and demonstrate the product to us, she said it was 100% organic and natural and is made of milk proteins to re-nourish the hair from within. The line ranges from hair treatments to hair colour, and the concept of it being displayed in a cocktail glass when applying onto client's hair adds that "fun" element! I'm in love with their whipped cream leave-in conditioning mousse it's amazing and smells like milkshake, I team this up with their argan oil and it then becomes a hair treatment for silky soft shiny hair and the best thing is NO RINSING, just blow dry it in and your good to go, results are instant! it's available on the Milk_Shake website but I recently just purchased more off as it's slightly cheaper! If your in a salon, and interested in having the range contact their rep who will demonstrate how their product works and you may even get some free trial items :)
No im mobile and someone recommened the milkshake red to me? Are they proper colours
?? X
I've not used the permanent colours yet just the semi's they're OK in my opinion, nice shine and last the normal 2-5 washes obviously depending on the porosity of the hair. I mainly use Milk_Shake for their treatment properties but for proper guaranteed colour I always turn to Wella xo hope that helps :)
Has anyone used the red?
I know this post is quite old now but I've been using milkshake now for a while and I've never had any problems with it, the nice thing about it is, you can educate your client on how organic the product is and not only there colours but there no inhibition styling range is fab!!! And also there natural care masks and the Argan oil treatments are absolutely amazing! I highly recommend! [emoji5]️
Where do you get it from
I get mine from Newport [emoji5]️, but I'm sure if you ring the company up and place a order over the phone as the colours are not on their website they will send it out to you[emoji5]️xx
Also seen your post about the milkshake reds, this was the 6.66 mixed with red and violet booster[emoji5]️


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