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May 10, 2012
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Wallington, Surrey
I wondered if anyone could help me, i currently do bio sculpture nails and am looking into doing minx...i have contacted ss and got prices etc but just wondered if you have to go on a training course for it?xx
I saw a similar thread to this earlier, think the general consensus was that it is not essential to do a course in minx but is handy for picking up tips etc. I witnessed a friend (who's a mobile therapist) doing minx last night & was suprised at how straightforward it was. She has a lamp she brought from amazon & said this does the job of an official minx lamp at a fraction of the cost. I'm just setting up mobile after a career break to have kids & am going to buy the cheaper lamp to start with (There is so much I want to do & get but need to keep costs down until i'm making some money!!) then if it all goes well i'll do the 'official' training & buy the proper kit when I can justify spending some more!!! Hope this helps. Can put the link on to the lamp my friend uses if it would help.:lol:
That would be great if you could, thanks!

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Just a quickie off subject but do you just do bio gel or do you use a gel polish system too?? I can do shellac & think its a fab product but I personally have always used bio gel on my own nails as I find its so hard wearing & with 3 kids & being heavy handed I need hard wearing. Been thinking about doing both systems to cover all angles, but this would mean training & buying the full bio kit. My friend (as before) said having a passion for a product is half the job & I am a big bio gel fan. Your input would be greatly appreciated!!!
The link doesn't work on my phone for some reason!

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Thanks for your help, i sawthe earlier thread after posting and jus went ahead and bought the kit, very excited to get started now!!
I do jus Bio and cant see any other product convincing me to convert i also love it an do my own...a few of my friends do shellac and jessica gel and i jus personally dont like the look of them although there colour range is fab.
Bio was very expensive to get into as not everything you need to get started is included in the kit, i qualified in Aug and still havent broke even and im quite busy.
Hope this helps xx

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