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Sep 10, 2003
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Hi guys

Can anyone give me any ideas on how to get more clients!!!

As a mobile tech i am finding it hard to get clients

I have advertised in my local paper and had a bit of response (well have 4 new clients)

As I am doing this as it is easier on family life (but also as i enjoy it sooooo much) i need to be able to get as many clients as my diary can take

All you mobile techs out there what have you done

All suggestions very welcome and honoured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

hi you are entitled to a free ad in the yellow pages have a look in there and there should be a number to ring and tell that you have just started out and would like you free line they will put you in the next book it is due out next year and they will put you on straight away.
also when you have one client give them 5 business cards with their name on and give them a treat like free cuticle oil if you get all five back from people they give them out to.
i also have had a tshirt with my name and number so when i am in asda people know you do nails and ask about your services wear it all the time (wash it though) you can get these designed and printed over the net.
also i have a i do nails badge on my coat you can usually get them from ebay.
also go round hairdressers who do not do beauty and give them aload of cards.
and allways make sure your close friends are allways wearing your nails parents at school allways ask my friends who did their nails so more business for me
hope this helps other peolpe will give you good ideas here too
I have found that if you do friends nails at a discount, people then see your work and ask who does their nails, They then pass on your details to family and friends. I also found that if you do a few nail demos at ladies evening will pick up new clients. Hope this helps.
Hullo Lesley :D

I'm a mobile techy in the same boat as you and kinda struggling to get new clients but I am exploring quite a few other ideas to the std newspaper ad and having a degree of success.

If you want to email me, I can send you back a few ideas, some of which will hopefully be of use to you (don't want to clutter the board if anyone else wants to share ideas mail me too :D )

Speak to you soon!

hi ya
there is also the new bt directory coming out in feb...its a bit like yellow pages...u r entitled to a free line entry in that, the new version of bt directory has the business pages in like yellow pages aswell as all local no's...

also when u go out if u leave you biz cards in the ladies toilets etc, ive gained 2 clients from this...

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