Mobiles......What do you wear?


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Jul 29, 2010
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Do you wear tunics? or company t shirts? or own clothes?
I wear a tunic. Just like in a salon. I think it looks more professional.
Yeah I do too, just wondered what everyone else did x
I am pregnant and if im having an uncomfortable day (to put it politely lol) I have a white velour tracksuit that has been customised with my business name on the back (yeah i know some people will think this is chavvy lol but my clients think its a fun uniform lol :lol:) but its nice to be able to whip the jacket off when im having my hot flushes.
But usually I wear a tunic or a top that again has been customised with business name on the back and my name on the breast.
I wear a dark tunic too :) ... a dark T Shirt with your company logo sounds very good tho! xx
I have either a black or pink tunic with my name sewn on that I wear.

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