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Aug 15, 2003
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North Yorkshire
Does anybody have any idea where ican purchase a box that will neatly store all of my crazy nail files ?

Have you seen :shock: the cool clear perspex storage in the back of the Designer Nails catalogue. I have a large storage box with all my "bits and pieces" in on my desk, very neat and tidy.

they do nail file storage pots - if that's what you mean - to store them upright for use - have a look :p

Just a though.

just emailed for a catalogue. The last time i called they did'nt have any so hopefully they will have some in this time and i shall have a look.
I have actually seen a box that holds 20 files its called utili-box and you can get it from beauty express but as i dont buy anything from them i wondered if there was some where nearer and easier.
Nailorder do them to I use these for my retail files think they were £2.75 plus VAT, they are good value. They are a plastic display with 3 slots in where you can put the files.

Check out the website or look in their catalogue if you have one.

Cant find them on the website but have looked in my catalogue the number is FB-044 File Dispenser and they are £2.65 plus VAT, they are on page 28.

Jue ;)
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