Nail peeling after acrylic soak off


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Apr 2, 2006
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Hi, I soaked off a set of acrylics on a client earlier today. The acrylic was a month old, she had them done at another salon, and she never went back for any infills or rebalances.

Anyway - my question is this:

I noticed after I helped soak off her nails that all of the nails were "peeling" on the top layers, and looked just like how a nail damaged by forceful prying looks like.

I've never seen natural nails damaged like that before, considering the nails were healthy to start with, and were removed properly .. :rolleyes:

Any one encountered something like that before? Any idea what may have caused this to happen?
I notice that you say you 'helped' to soak her nails off, did SHE soak them off or have any part in it? or did you do all of it?

Do you know what salon she went to and what their procedures are? It sounds like the damage could of been caused by an efile being used by an untrained tech:idea:

That aside I would reccomend cuticle oil as many times a day as possible, regular manicures and retail her a strengthener treatment

hth's x
I soaked off all of them completely myself. They had lifted quite a bit already actually.

Don't know which salon she went to exactly, so, nope, don't know what their procedure was. But I asked about the use of an e-file, and she said no.

Thanks for the reminder about after care, I did advice her already :) She will be returning for regular manicures. Its sad because she had really pretty nails to begin with (nice long slender nails), so I do feel a little "frustrated" for her that this has happened to her nails!

I don't understand - first set of acrylic / did not pry off her nails / nails were soaked off..

The only reason I can think of is they were lifting quite badly, so maybe whenever the nails caught onto something, they would lift more and at the same time cause some nail plate to peel off with it?
i had something similar happen to my friends nails, i did full l&p overlay after a week and a half she decided she didn't want them anymore so i soaked them off, after that her nails kept breaking splitting and peeling, before she had beautiful long natural nails, they are fine now that her nail has completely grown out, help any ideas why this happened? :irked:
As you will be aware nails are made up of layers and nails tend to dry out when using product remover/acetone etc. or if hands are continually exposed to water and chemicals, such as bleach etc.

Obviously if a client doesn't moisturise their hands (with or without enhancements) then flaking and peeling of the nails will occur!

Therefore, if they do not look after their hands and nails then some of these layers will lift with the product - you will probably notice that the product "hooks" onto the free edge more and I believe this is due to the nail or the free edge lacking in moisture compared with the rest of the nail - that also means that when removing product, then this will be an area where more peeling occurs.

They will improve with moisturisers and regular manicures and eventually the weaker parts will grow out and be replaced.

I believe this is what happens - but if anyone in the know :lol: knows better then please correct me :green:

To ADD - if you think about it, during prep you dehydrate the nail so that the product adheres better to the nail - so both product remover and acetonealso dehydrate the nail - there was something else I was going to add but it has flown out of my daft head :lol: will add it when I remember :green:
Blending tips too....client goes for nail enhancements, has good nails...heavy handed nail tech uses harsh file for blending tips...soak off nail enhancement a few weeks later and the damage from the blending is still there.

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