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Nail technician required Bahrain, Middle East


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Feb 9, 2011
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Nail Technician BAHRAIN

To help build a nail bar within an already existing beauty/hair salon in Bahrain in the Middle East. If you are a highly skilled nail tech, who can whip up a full set of nails in less than an 1 hr and a refill in 45 minutes, I really want you. I want you to be experienced with drill work as this is primarily, the service that i am offering, Acrylic with drill work, so only highly skilled individual need apply. Gels, Manicure and pedicure and spray tanning would be an advantage. The salon is predominantly western clientele, its fun and cheerful and very very western run, (by me, I am the owner stylist.) If you are looking for change, cultural diversity, in a country that is ALWAYS hot, then this could be for you, Bahrain is full of women who LOVE beauty services, business is always booming and with the right skill and attitude and hard work ethics, one can really make a name for themselves here. I certainly have! I really need a great personality, someone who can hold their own in both skill and character, who is also sensitive to the cultural side of working in a foreign country. It can be very challenging and truely rewarding. Bahrain is a tax free country. Great package for the right candidate. If your interested, please in box me..

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