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Apr 25, 2006
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Now I usually do my nails myself but my Mum is getting married in August and feel that I want someone to do my nails for it. It will make me feel pampered for a change.
So are there any techs in Derby cause I really don't know who to go to.
Thanks geeks:)
I dont know which Geeks are in Derby but I used to go to Beau Monde on Iron Gate if they arestill there for my nails and have been contemplating Sally Montague's too. I used to love Beau Monde years ago although last time I went it had changed beyond recognition.
Hi Sarah

I have recently moved to Mackworth in Derby and have been doing nails for 4 years and have just passed my Creative Masters L&P. If your still looking for somewhere let me know.

Ok sorry to hijack this one but I am going away to Inverness for 2 weeks on Saturday, I had a nail appointment booked for 4:15 on Friday but just heard they double booked so I've been cancelled. I'm going to the Inlaws for the first time in 10 years and am desperate to go up feeling as good about myself as I can so I'm gutted. I've no monomer so I cant do my own.

Can anyone help? I have a hair appointment at 5:15 in the same salon as the cancelled nail appointment. Because I'd have to get to the hair salon afterwards I'd prefer to get my hair done first and then go for my nails as obviously it will be two differnt places now so it wont be easy for nails first as I cant leave home before 3:30 and I'm 30 minutes from the salon.

You'll be my hero for life if anyone can help.
Thanks Shelly that would be great. I will get in touch as soon as I know when I need them doing.

Min 11 if I have a cancellation I will let you know but am pretty booked at the mo. I am in Belper so not sure what time you could get to me for.

Thanks again

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