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Oct 3, 2013
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Hey guys!

I'm a hairdresser but I would love love love to learn shellac/nail art/nail extensions. I can feel a new passion/obsession coming on lol!

I'm based in kent, is it right that I should do a manicure course first before shellac etc and what's the best Company to book courses with? I looked at kent beauty school and they do packages.

Any advice on where to buy kits etc or anything would be great:). Want a new skill for the new year!

Thanks in advance guys 😊
Best thing I did was register with Sweet Squared! You will need a manicure certificate so you may do that first, but after that I would say contact sweet squared & look into their 'shellac brings them back' course which will start you off with shellac, the course is not expensive & you will need to buy the intro kit to do the course.

They also have brisa lite sculpting gel for extensions which you can also train in :)

I have done other nail courses but the cnd ones were definately the best!
Sweet squared also do a complete natural nail course ... Manicure, pedicure and shellac ... Also includes all the kit too ...
I'd give them a call for prices as im not allowed to post prices ... <3 <3

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Ah thank you that's really helped!!! :)) I'll get on it! X

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