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Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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I am fairly new to the nail industry and so far I have only really done nails for Clients who have purely wanted Nail Extensions for occasions or have been friends and family acting as my models.

I have just had a client call me who wants to have Extensions to then allow her natural nails to grow and then continue with natural nail overlays after her nails reach the desired length.

Do I do anything different from applying a normal set of Acrylic Nails?? I do both sculptured and tip and overlay. Which method would be better for this??

Any help much appreciated.

Thank you lol
Well here is a chance for you to shine!!! :sunny: Do a beautiful full set for this client; maintain (re-balance) the nails every two weeks and by re-balance number 3/4, her natural nails will have grown. At this point, you can do a soak-off and SpaManicure and send her out with natural nails OR, you can continue re-balancing... eventually her nails will be her own with just a l+p overlay. BTW, the method you use (tip & overlay or sculpt) depends really on what her natural nails are like to begin with; if they are OK and have free-edge, then sculpt! Geeg has written advice on natural nail overlay for someone in here and I can't remember what topic it is under :( sorry!! Hope this helps! ;)
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