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Mar 1, 2015
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chester le street
Hi I am finding it so difficult in getting hairdressers to rent chairs. I have a small beauty salon with two hair dressing stations. I have advertised on Facebook and the jobcentre, I have a sign on my door and websites but no response. Could someone please tell me where the best places to advertise are please. Thankyou Julie
Local newspaper, recruitment agencies, gumtree?
Hi thanks for your reply. Can you advertise for free on Gumtree when I tried before they were charging. Think this might be a longer process than I thought and will need to start paying for ads. Thanks for your help
Where abouts are you based ??
I feel your pain Julie!
I found most want to be spoon fed, don't want to work or do the groundwork to build up their client Base.
The ones that do are happy where they are
I think I will need to go down the employment route if I cant get anyone to rent a chair.

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