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Need an apprenticeship help


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Nov 6, 2013
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I am wanting to do a hairdressing apprenticeship this September. I would like to know any info about apprenticeship & if anyone has or knows anyone that has a opening for an apprentice from September! Thanks x
Have a look through the apprenticeship website for general info such as standard hours/wages/training, theres also a search facility.

Contact your local colleges who will hold a list of opportunities & the nvq guidance so you can see exactly what modules you'll be achieving and also google hairdressing apprenticeships 'your area' which will bring up any local academies.

Call into local hairdressers you would like to work in and ask when they'll be ready for a new apprentice.

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Thanks. I have already got a place at college but as I am 19 it's all different so can't use apprenticeship website!
Thanks x
You should still be able to use the apprenticeship website as you can do an apprenticeship at any age.
Look on local college websites and there apprentice vacancies or email/ring them and ask.
You could also approach salons and see if they would take you on, also why dont you start this year?

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