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May 24, 2010
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I work in the market i and just started so was thinking what can i charge .so can anyone give me a idea what i can charge for service eg cut ,cut and blow and sets plzz thanks andrew asylum xx
Hi Andrew

When I first started within beauty, I checked a lot if my local competition and priced accordingly.
In fact I undercut quite a few of them simply because what they were charging I thought was too high.

As much as we could give you prices there would be no point! As every area is different, so I charge £22 for Cut & Finish, which is at the top of the scale for my area, but Coventry which is an hour away charge £34

So you have to take into account all factors, but first you need to sit down and brake down all your costs and see how much it costs you to do all your services, individually.

So say for example your doing half head highlights, It costs me £10 for bleach £2 peroxide £3 foil then my time cost on top of £15 then £5 left over which is profit :) btw I charge £35 for half head, nothing else is included in this price,
It depends how confident you are, i havent quite fineshed college yet, and am not quite confident to charge full prices, so i looked around and saw what the prices are in salons, i charge a third of the price of them so that i get a few clients, but they dont expect amazing standards. However, if you make someone feel happy, and do a good job, your always gonna get a good tip :) x

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