needed : mobile nail tech for chelmsford


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Sep 19, 2005
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Have one last client to find a "home" for! lol.... lives in chelmsford, and would like someone mobile or in chelmsford. Will always need evening or saturday appointments.

please pm me.

thanx geeks.
No geeks in Chelmsford area - wow - well I guess it's good news for any new nail techs in the area startin up a business then! :wink2:
Hi Kirsten,

I have only just found your advert for a mobile nail tech in Chelmsford, i am a little new to this site so i hope i am replying to this thread the correct way?!

I am a mobile nail tech who is just finishing up her training with Phoenix Beauty college in Chelmsford, i won't have my certificates until the new year but i am just starting out at the moment with cut prices as i am still technically just coming out of training i have a few clients already but am just in the process of advertising to build up my client base...if this thread is still current i would love you to put my name forward!!

Many thanks...Tracey

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