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Aug 10, 2007
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Despite doing my own nails for years, I've always taken them off and put on a new set but recently I have started infilling and to be honest, I'm pretty good at it now but I don't know how to re-do the smile line....can anyone help? :irked:
Blend everything back practically to the natural nail ( keeping your application nice and thin in future will help reduce the time).
Do your prep.
Try to pick up the correct sized bead for zone one (free edge).
Place in centre,let settle for a couple of seconds..start baby presses out either side..gradually forming a gentle even smile. Keep the brush flat and the flags behind the in effect the product is forming the smile not the tip of your brush.
Try to work quickly,without letting your smiles get messy, you may want to swipe your smile a little before its fully set up for a quick tidy, make sure your brush is dry for the dont want monomer flooding your plate and wrecking your prep..otherwise pocket lifting could be a prob down the track.
Some techs start from a side wall rather than centre..often starting from the left if you are right handed often gives you a better smile (according to many geeks)find whats easiest for you...but keep your technique consistent.
Some find doing your non dominant hand first helps, although i personally dont..i like to have a warm up with my easy hand.
Its important to get your ratio spot on..too wet will cause your smile to appear translucent and show up any remnants of your old smile, plus of course you wont have good control of your bead.
Too dry will make the bead unworkable..and do your head in:lol:
Once your smiles are done, do your stress area (zone 2), then zone 3.
Thanks hun!

So what I've heard about filing a 'groove' then isn't necessary? Coz I couldn't work out how I would do that anyway!
Thanks hun!

So what I've heard about filing a 'groove' then isn't necessary? Coz I couldn't work out how I would do that anyway!
I have tried that way..but find a better finish doing it my preferred way..everything stays fresh and thin.
I have a super hard time doing my non-dominant hand so I've found that it really helps me if I thin out the entire nail (not a whole lot, though) and then file off all of zone 3 down to the tip, starting where the new smile line should be (so, further into zone 2 than the existing one - perhaps where it was 2-3 weeks ago!) to the f/e.

Then, I fill zone 3 with white or my f/e color and rebalance/fill as usual. This is MUCH easier for me, and really helps to keep the smile lines even, as I can take off little by little with the file and perfect it as much as I need to.

Sometimes I use a white tip to show me how it will look before I do the fill after make sure the corners of my smile is even!


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