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May 5, 2012
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What are spray tanning course like
When I enquirer I think it was only about 3 hours long.
Not enough time at all to learn all you need to know.
Its not as easy as just stand client in tent and spray!
There's lots of theory you need to know, the skin, contraindications, what fake tan is, dha and how it works on skin etc! You also need to know how your gun works and how to clean and maintain.
Theme there the types of solutions and the different brands!
Then the spray itself! Demo by tutor and them practice yourself.
A lot to fit into a full day never mind 3-4 hours!
If I was you I would train with the brand you choose to work with then they can tell you all about their product and chosen machine etc.
Glotanz are very good, the training is good and te products are fab. Fairly new but one of the best I've used.
Research your brands and find out about their training.
Good luck!

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