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May 5, 2012
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hi, i have essential nails qualifications and im wanting to upgrade them, i have been looking at NSI courses, what are they like? is this the best place to go with what i have? and are these courses upgrades?
I am wanting to do all the nails, waxing and eye treatments.
Anything i may need to know that iv missed out?
Hiya. I did that. I started with essential nails then wanted to expand my skills and use nsi products so I went on the conversion course and it really ironed the problems I was having. I sorted my ratio and tip blending. I also got Gigi's Nailclass book and I'm now doing the workshops. Hope that helps xx
thanks, would i have to do the conversion course as i have all the others? are the others at the same level or are they higher levels? whats the conversion couse like?
It's always worth doing a conversion course for whatever products you are going to be using.
If you're not sure what you want to do, your best bet is to ring NSI and speak to them.
To be honest essential nails is a starting point but there is so much to learn any education is an advance for your career.
I'm not sure why you feel you don't need to do the conversion course. All liquid and powder is different. They all have different properties and ways of working it. It's better for your business/skills to know the difference and how to get the best out of your chosen brand.
If you're after a "master" qualification then can I ask how long you have been qualified? Would it not be more pertinent to walk before you run? Master the basics and learn your craft first. Qualifications do not make a first class nail tech, they merely equip you with the knowledge, skill and understanding to make start. Its how you apply that knowledge and skill, and practice, practice, practice. Xx
sorry iv worded my question wrong i ment is it all of the courses i would need to do or just the conversion, im still doing essential nails iv nerly fished just the sculptured and fiberglass to do, im just looking into NSI courses at the minute​
Hi sorry crossed wires.
I have essential nails qualifications and NSI do recognise these so you can just do the conversion course, not the foundation courses. I did both gel and l&p in one conversion course. The workshops for gel and sculpting are a little more advanced in education than what we learned through EN xx
Thanks for yor help i think im going to go here

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