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Dec 15, 2014
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Hello all,

I love NSI Attraction having trained with it. However, I moved on to their Spa Odour Free liquid as I am mobile and wanted to minimise odour in client's homes. I am finding it takes a fair while longer to set though. Is this usual in odour free or Spa in particular? Any thoughts, hints or tips appreciated
Yes, I've experienced this with other odor less brands. I think that's why it has less odor, the liquid doesn't vaporate as fast so you don't have the heavy odor, but that's why you can model it longer. That's why beginners in our course were advised odor less products so they would have longer time to work the product.
I asked about the spa liquid and was advised that it was different to with with, took longer to set and had a sticky residue afterwards. I ended up just sticking with the attraction and secrets range x
So what options do I have? Just a case of trying to reduce odour with standard liquids I suppose. Thanks for the input peeps
Yes the NSI spa liquid does take longer to set and leaves a gummy like residue on the surface which you file off.

I open the Windows/doors in my salon and once I am finished I place anything with monomer on it, such as my wipe pad, in a snap lock bag in my bin. Then I place that outside in the garbage bin..

I find the smell of monomer disappears within about 30 mins.
I have a home salon and find my clients don't actually mind the odour. They're all regular clients so are familiar with it anyway and some even comment that they like it!
I get heartburn every time I work with it unfortunately.

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