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Nov 29, 2007
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Connecticut, USA
If you are doing overlays on natural nails what is the best system to use? I have fiberglass overlays on my natural nails now and they just don't seem to be working out for me right now. :cry:I can't quite seem to get the capping on the free edge very well and i get lifting. I am a picker so i will pick at it if there is any lifting. Because i am doing them on myself i would like a relatively easy system so i am not spending hours on myslef. What are your suggestions. Seen as though i do others nails its very hard for me to have my natural nails at a good length so i am looking for something strong to protect them. What does everyone else use and is the best to use? Thanks for the help. :lol:
Regardless of which system you use you always have to cap the natural nail when doing NNO's.
It's easier to cap the nail if you're using gel or L+P because you can apply a form and take the product slightly over the free edge to make sure it's sealed.

I see on your profile that you're a typist, are you sure that your job doesn't have anything to do with the problem?

hth's a bit
I can't imagine that using a keyboard would have anything to do with it. i keep my nails short for this particular reason. I actually took the liberty to soak off the fiberglass and try l&p. I just used a clear. Maybe fiberglass just isn't for me. I like the l&p. I never tried it before becasue i was afraid of trying to do my right hand with my left seen as though i am a rightie. But they came out pretty good. I didn't use a form though becasue i didn't have any. When i go to do my fill if i use a form can i extend them a little that way and hopefull they won't lift at the free edge? Is this something i coud do or should i have used a form to begin with and can't use one now to extend them?
When I go to do my fill if I use a form can I extend them a little that way and hopeful they won't lift at the free edge? Is this something I could do or should I have used a form to begin with and can't use one now to extend them?
Yes, you can use a form when rebalancing to extend the free edge slightly :green:

When you used fibreglass did you run the resin brush along the free edge to cap the nail?

I did, but i could see where there was dirt and stuff getting between the nail and the fiberglass. Not sure what i am doing wrong there. I am going with the acrylic for now and seeing how those hold up. i am wondering if i am just to heavy handed for fiberglass. I am fairly inexperienced with the acrylic so this should be interesting. I see the chats that everyone has and talks about apex's and stuff and get very upset becasue i didn't learn any of that in my class as a nail tech. then agian it was pretty much teach yourself so i don't know how i even know anything. i don't even know how to get a good apex or where it should be. I did a fill for my sister yesterday and feel as though it was not a good one. I don't know. :cry:
Thank you i find that these are very informative. Hopefully they will help. I need to do a rebalance on my own nails as they are getting a little to long than i am used to. Hopefully i can use these tips and they wil come out good.
personally i prefer to do natural nail overlays in gel or fibreglass

practice loads and you will get there

also this site is great for info and helpful tips/advice
well i think i would prefer to use gel as well but do not have a curing lamp to do them. So i am making do with what i have at the moment and acrylic is it. i have tried the fiberglass and they just weren't working for me. Not sure if its me or what. But the acrylic seems to be doing really well on my nails. i haven't had a problem as of yet and will be doing a rebalance in a day or so so we will see how that goes. I guess i would like to see what the majority of my clientele would like so that can be the one i get the most practice on but i don't have a clientele yet. my sister is the only one i do enhancements for so far and she wanted me to do the one i felt most uncomfortable with so i can get good practice. She sure is a sport. So i am hoping that i can find more people that will let me get some practice one them so i can get good. I work full time but would really like to further a career in nails because i just love doing them.

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