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Jun 1, 2013
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While doing a bit of local market research, I have come across an extensionist who has their own brand of hair extensions but is selling them for a pittance. Both clip in and micro rings are being sold to the public as "install yourself" options but I was just wondering if anyone had come across companies that let you brand your own extensions? Just can't get my head around how it can be real hair when it's sold for next to nothing.
Does she sell enough to be able to source her self? And DIY extensions? Sounds erm... Lush (not). Lol! Xx
Only around the local area but there is a lot of competition from hair shops as well. They are cheaper than any I've ever seen so I don't see how she can be making any profit even if they are sourced by herself.
I know a lot of people that source and brand their own hair, they also wholesale hair and tools to other businesses and they make a killing. It costs a lot of money but sometimes companies let you put your own logo on their hair and make it as if you have sourced it yourself, these are the people that make nothing because usually companies with cheap hair only do this. If your hair is good and live around a lot of extensionists it can get really big.

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