Paid social media ads for salons are the way forward


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Sep 6, 2013
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Your salon’s digital presence is just as important as your business presence itself which means it’s absolutely vital to invest money into it if you want to grow. There are many online essentials that are widely recommended for business development and lead generation such as Google CPC, SEO (on and off page optimisation) and of course the inevitable, social media.

Unless you've been living on Planet Mars, I think we can all be in agreement that this last decade, social media has grown to become one of the most explosive marketing tools ever known to man. Although initially gracing us as a predominantly social network between peers, businesses have recognised the opportunities to build rapport and up-heave customer satisfaction with social channels like never before.

Most social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all provide advertising opportunities, but still many businesses aim to grow organically rather than use their marketing budget, because essentially, you can. What many aren’t aware of are the possibilities of expansion, growth and development if you are willing to integrate some marketing funds. Now I am no way affiliated with Facebook. I have just witnessed many salons grow their brands through this form of advertising and can honestly say there is a huge opportunity to grow your business if you could just adapt somewhat.


- Educate yourself on Facebook Ads, they have loads of helpful articles that can aid you in your journey. First step- go to the little drop down arrow on Facebook and click on ‘create ads’- Facebook is quite simple in their approach which is great for beginners.

- If you are bigger on Twitter- type in Twitter Ads. I’m not personally familiar with these but I have heard great results with those who have dabbled.

- For those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘Hootsuite’, you just have to check this out. Hootsuite can send posts and tweets in advance to multiple networks. This helps save a lot of time and allows you to keep your content consistent, fresh and engaging if you can plan in advance. You even have suggested posts which finds relevant content based on your interests.

- If you haven’t already, create a professional and working website. Everyday there are people browsing the Internet for blow-dry’s, spray tans, gel manicures or spa days. If you aren’t on Google then you aren’t going to have a chance against your competitors.

- Make sure you are on all relevant networks. Some might say join every network you can, but this isn’t necessarily valid. There is no point being on YouTube for example if you never have time to post a video. I would say for salon owners the top 5 of the minute are the obvious, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google + OR LinkedIn (depending on your business size and angle).

- If you know you’ve got a great team who are super talented, use social channels to show them off! There’s nothing better than a salon owner who advertises their employee’s expertise. You guys are the professionals and can teach us about hair care, beauty, nails and tanning so use this to entice people into the salon.

- Don’t just create your own news. Show your interest in the beauty field and share articles your clients might be interested in. We are always sharing new hairstyles, future trends, and cutesy nail art because even salon owners need a little inspiration from time to time.

- People on social channels, generally like to scroll down their newsfeed and see fun things to like and share. If you have a great new window for Valentine’s Day, make sure you are publicising it. Got an amazing new product in stock? Yep, we wanna see it!

- If you have a full salon appointment calendar, chances are your client’s are happy with their services. Facebook and Google + are the places to be at the moment. Try just asking your client’s politely if they would be willing to review your services, you could even show them there and then while they are sat in the chair. If that isn’t working for you try offering 10% off every service if clients review.

- Measure! We cannot stress the importance of measuring. Google Analytics is a great place to calculate ROI. Was expanding your marketing budget worth it? Hopefully so.

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