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Sep 20, 2013
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I have also posted this on the Hair Forum but wasn't sure which would be best, so apologies if you click it twice.

I have a vacancy in my hair extensions salon but the role is quite different to what a typical stylist would carry out.

I need someone to do a couple of colours and blow dries a week but mainly to assist me with the fitting of hair extensions, reception duties, shampooing, etc. I would train then on how to perform a 'safe' blow dry on hair extensions and eventually I would train them to fit tailor made, single strand hair extensions but that could be a while down the line. What I'm asking is what rate of pay should I offer now?

I qualified as a stylist but soon after specialised in micro bond hair extensions and didn't keep my hairdressing skills up, so I wouldn't be fit to mentor them with conventional hairdressing. I am looking for someone with minimum 2 years salon experience and offering £8 per hour, problem is there wouldn't be much opportunity to earn commission to start with. They could build the colour and blow dry services but realistically they couldn't expect to have a full column everyday and I wouldn't want them to as my priority is an assistant for the hair extension fitting.

I know of a salon that pays a flat hourly rate to their senior stylists of £12 and no commission. Is £8 per hour and a little commission a reasonable wage for a junior stylist? What is the average hourly rate for a junior stylist? I would be happy to develop them by paying for courses and putting on special offers to build the colour/blow dry side of the business.

I don't want to exploit anyone but don't want to mug myself off either! I would greatly appreciate any advice
I think I might've gone on too much in my previous post! What I'm asking is, what is the average wage for a junior stylist with commission?
For a junior stylist the average around here is normally NMW plus commission once certain targets have been met e.g 10 - 20% once they have made their basic or 2 or 3X their basic.
Ummm.....not sure this will be an easy ask.
I think you MIGHT have a problem getting your "two year experienced",
happy to do your shampooing! o_O
I think you'd be better recruiting an apprentice.
Less expense for you, so less of a risk to the business.
Train them 'in house', or day release at college, giving them a good, all round training.
They also benefit as they can 'earn while they learn'. :D
Thank you so much for the advice, I didn't think I'd be able to take an apprentice on as we don't do much cutting but I've spoke to a local school and it seems we can. Thanks again, much appreciated.

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