Peculiar to Japan..?


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Apr 4, 2004
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Okinawa Japan
Here in Japan we normally offer a cup of green tea or other beverage with our services...While working at my home salon a friend brought over her girlfriends arrived a little on the early side caught me relaxing with my lil pick me up after a late nite of jolly making...She was curious to the beautiful color and aroma and wanted to try some...Needless to say it was a big hit...It is just some dark chocolate melted with milk and instant coffee with a pinch of cayenne pepper...Up till this the most exotic thing that Ive served is maybe spiced cider...Now with my service menu I include a small drink menu and everyone loves it...Is this service exclusive to the Japanese market or do others offer something similar...? Sorry if this is a tad off-topic...BK
Spiced Hot Mocha. I had something similar to that in Mexico except they used chilli instead of cayenne pepper.

But in Japan? Never caught sight of it there. Mind you, Japan is a very mysterious place... :)

How do you celebrate Christmas/New Year in Japan?

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