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Jul 17, 2007
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Hi, I think that I need to alter the times/£ of my pedicures.

Can you please tell me what you do for an Express/Mini Pedicure and how long, and what do you charge?

I think that I am doing too much during an Express and it is taking me an hour (which isnt very Express/Mini), its practically the same as my luxury except, I use heated boots and different products.

My Express pedicure includes: nail clipping/shaping, cuticle work, foot soak and foot buffing/minor hard skin removal, and optional polish it takes me about 40 minutes. I charge £12 with a polsih (or £10 without or £14 for french!)
Pedicures will always take longer than manicures so I think 40 minutes its ok.
If you wanted somthing real quick you could offer a soak and polish, Its something I've considred doing.
Be intrested to know what others think. :hug:
You need to change the Express so it is just that! Mine is obviously sanitise the feet, shape nail, cuticle work, base coat, enamel & top coat! It takes me 30 mins and I charge £12.
Hth's xx
Thanks for the replies

Hayls, I think I will copy your procedure, dont know why I didnt think of that. I always seem to think that feet should be soaked.

Amirose, With just doing the soak and polish, do you think you should just soak the feet 5/10mins and then dry and polish? How can you make that soaking time seem more interesting, if your not planning on cuticle work/filing?

thanks again
My mini pedi has a soak, toenail shapeing, cuticle work, foot paddle, and clear polish...costs $20...takes 30-45 mins

Regular pedi has soak, toenail shapeing, cuticle work, foot paddle, massage and polish color or french...costs $30...takes 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours

Spa pedi has soak, toenail shapeing, cuticle work, foot paddle, foot scrub, massage, paraffin dip, and polish color or french...costs $40...takes 1 1/2 - 2 hours
My express pedi is similar,
  • sanitize
  • cuticle work
  • shape nails
  • base coat
  • varnish x2
  • top coat
  • £12 :green:
My Express:

Foot soak
cuticle work
hard skin removal
paraffin wax

I charge £28

My peducure routine is:

Foot Soak with or without Aroma oils
Cuticle Work
Parrafin Wax or Warm Booties if requested

Without Aroma Oils £ 14
With Aroma Oils £16
With Booties £18
With Paraffine Wax £20

All included with a Full consultation, Contra-Indacation Check, And Full After Care Advice:)

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