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Oct 21, 2014
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Hi Geeks.

This is my hair colour - pic attached.

I'm going on holiday and want to be able to enjoy swimming without worrying about my hair running or fading.

Is there ANY perm hair colour that I can apply over the top that will give me the same result but last a tad longer?

I currently use 'fire' crazy colour. Every few weeks I lighten my roots and just reapply the crazy colour.

I don't really want to go have to change my hair colour as I've been this colour for years and feel like 'me' with it.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. xx
Crazy colour is a direct dye and sits on the outside of the cuticle layer. Permanent colours penetrate the hair shaft underneath the cuticle layer so won't 'cover' the direct dye.

Your hair will run so your only options are either slather it in conditioner, and try to keep your head above water or wear a swim cap.
A semi permanent is more permanent than a permanent on bleached hair... Confusing or what[emoji12]

Seriously though, if its fading with semi (crazy colour) a permanent will be out in one wash.

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