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becca boo

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Aug 17, 2006
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the states
hey there geeks....

Just to first explain I work full time for a home builder contracting company and we are building a home for what is called "Street of Dreams" builders build the most amazing homes tanning showers, theatre rooms everything amazing you can put in a home. Anyways I have been looking at different marketing and promo ideas to give out during the tours and came across some links I thought some of you might like it for promo options its has some pretty nice options

Heres a link for personalized candles
Promotional Dental Care, Custom Toothbrushes, Custom Dental Floss, Promotional Toothbrushes, Custom Tooth Care Products - Absorbent, Ink.

Personally I am a candle freak and think they are a great idea to market why not have candles with your buisness name on it in your salon/spa on your set up table, give for gifts they can remeber there wonderful experence at home or use them for a retail item. Ive heard that smell is one of the strongest sences we have

Heres a good link for personalized chocoates theres alot of different options and you can put your logo on them why not give your client a little sweet and when they pull the wrapper out of their pocket they will see your name again Custom Chocolate, Personalized Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Corporate Gifts, Truffle Boxes, Coins, Wrapper Bars and Custom Shapes Chocolate Confections.

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