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Jul 8, 2010
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Hi everyone!! I am having a very hard time picking out the perfect shade of lipstick for my clients. any suggestions??
Hi Rachel
it very much depends on their skin tone and the occasion you are making them up for, is it bridal make up??
not professional here but just as a little note iv just got a blush gloss in a tube but basically can be used for cheeks and lips and it adjusts to the PH in your skin so its the perfect color for your skin tone? - i got it recently and love the colour it gave me after to going to many various places for help on choosing a colour and getting no where!!!
An Estee Lauder rep once told me that if a colour looks good on your fingertip pad, it will look good on the face, and she was right! Try a little on your index finger and you can immediately tell if it will look right, plus, this saves cleaning up the lips and starting again.

To make a broad choice a little narrower though, if a client has a warm skin tone - tanned, with blue or green eyes - I stick to shades with orange or pink undertones but if a client has a cool colouring - pale, with dark brown eyes - I stick to shades with clear red or blue undertones. Black skins suit dominant, bright colours. Don't be afraid to experiment and if in doubt, ask your client which out of two or three she would prefer.

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