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Feb 27, 2016
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Hi. I have a client who is blonde at the moment and she says she wants it to be more platinum looking. Her hair is already white blonde and very very short. Shes on alot of medication and i didnt want to bleach the scalp so we tried a 12bs and ash blondinh cream in Goldwell and then an SPV matrix toner and she still wanted it more platinum. So then i consulted her about the bleach and she was happy enough to try it but she wanted to try her own toner which was the directions purple one. So we did this and to me it was a platinum blonde but she came back to me and said she wants it more platinum!! Any help?? Im curently now using wella so any suggestions on toners i could use? Thanks
If it's already platinum... How can she be MORE platinum? Get her to get some pictures in. I reckon the ones she wants are photoshopped
Thats what i have tried to tell her. Her hair is literally white blonde! Thanks will ask her for photos :)
Just wonder if your on the same page of platinum lol
Think u def need her to show u s pic ! X

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