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Jul 9, 2010
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I recently dyed my hair black with Umberto U Color. I think it is okay though I desperately miss having red hair. My natural color is chestnut to where in some settings appeared black.

Do I have to use a color stripper like One 'n Only ? Or no color stripper and just bleach it , would the Schwarzkopf Blondme lighten it ?

Thank you very much ...
Although I'm a nail geek I suspect the answer to this is go to a salon and let a professional sort it out. As you've discovered colouring your own hair doesn't always get the look you want, colour correction is a whole new ball game!!

I don't think any of our hair geeks will advise you to try this yourself.....
Mmm go to a salon or get a trained freelancer to come to you!!!
Please do not try to randomly bleach it yourself, your hair may end up orange and uneven. plus if you buy those bleaching kits from a shop the level of peroxide is usually very high and causes damage. to go lighter from black you are best to get a professional on it as this will need correcting. chances are you will not end up with the same colour all the way down the hair and it will need toning.

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