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Oct 21, 2015
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Hello geeks

I am a mobile stylist. I have recently I had a lot of people enquire about ombré/ balayage however I am unsure about how much I should charge for this.

How does everyone decide their pricing for this service?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks in advance X
As a mobile stylist I think you need to first acount for 1) products used + 2) your time, which is valued at your exprience i.e. how much do you want to change per hour.

Freehand techs almost always need toning, and if you are mobile you have to wait for the colour to lift as well. I keep my balayage prices the same as foils around £140 it will depend a lot of the area so it's always good to check out competition. Although I am in salon so do clients in between waiting for the colour to develop so I guess you have to factor that in too. Hope that helps and good luck.
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