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Sep 22, 2006
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Can anyone give me some help please. I have been doing sculptured tips for a few months now using Naio products. Once they were on, after a day, the clear product ended up crystalizing just above the white tip & under the clear product on the nail, which then makes me bite them off, you know, it looks like a condensation appearance, little tiny bubbles, so i thought it might be the product. Cheap rubbish. So i have changed to The Edge products, but the same has happened again. So it must be my techniq. Does anyone have any idea. I was wondering if i was using too much acrylic liquid to apply the powder with. I am really baffled at this, as the nails, once they are done, are gorgeous and perfect, just apart from the little bubbles.
Please can anyone help,
It is possibly a mix ratio problem, it could also be a temperature problem - the bubbles could be caused by air still in your brush or working the product too much.

Please fill in your profile so we can see what level of training you are at which will help us to help you better.

Also if you search under bubbles there will be lots of threads coming up.
Thanks for replying and giving me an insight to what the problems may be. I will have to try and stop doing what you have suggested.
I am going to fill in my profile now. Thanks again. I can go ahead now and try and sort this problem...hopefully xxx( fingers crossed).
That’s what im wondering too. Do you “burp” your brush at the beginning of your application to get out any bubbles in your brush? Any time I have ever had crystallizing it wasn’t bubbles I saw. The product actually turned to crystals in spots because it was too cold in the room. Air is getting in the product if there are bubbles. Do you over manipulate your product?
I have just another question that i am wondering before i go onto do a few nails of my own. I do my nails in the conservatory, which at the moment is very warm due to the sun and the glass( if you have a conservatory, you will know what i am on about). Is it better to be in a room a bit hotter rather than a cooler room ?
Also, yeh, i burp my brush and use separate brushes for whites & clears, plus use brush cleaner after i have done all ten nails. So i am thinking i may be using to much liquid. I am sure it is crystalisation. But i am going to try everyones suggestions and see what joy i get from those.
The teacher we had a college was rubbish.The course was a waste of time.No one left feeling totally confident at what they had just been taught. So i am looking at going onto do a re-freasher day course for acrylics.
Thanks for those that have replied. X. Laws.:lol:
You dont need to use separate brushes for white and clear. You should only ever clean your brush in clean monomer - there is no need for brush cleaners.

If you are working in a warm room or in the Summer then you will need to adjust your mix ratio as the monomer will evaporate alot quicker.

What you could try doing is some practise beads on a bit of plastic or a tip and try and get the perfect bead - it should look like wet sugar and then go shiney and smooth - you should have no powder left on the bead and when you lay it down it should not flood and flow everywhere.

Make up a sheet of paper with some circles and put it in a plastic wallet, pick up beads and place them in the circles and note what happens. If the bead sits still and does not move then it is too dry. If it floods everywhere, then it is too wet. It should settle by about 25%.

Hope that makes sense.
Thankyou for that bit advice. I did have a practice sheet that i got off a site from a professional in america. She is called Tammy Taylor. Seems pretty good.She has been around for over 20 odd years apparantly. So i will download another slip and do that.
Thanks. X. Laws.

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