Psychology or makeup?


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Apr 2, 2010
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Random question I know because it's like comparing apples to oranges but seeing that I want to study subjects to be able to teach them in further education, I decided to post my question here.

I worked as a beauty therapist for five years (spa, nails, makeup). A sudden change in health means I permanently can't teach a lot of the treatments I am qualified in (waxing and massage are too physical...I am also allergic to any non cnd gels) but if I upgrade my existing makeup qualifications, this is something I can physically manage to teach. Teaching evening courses would be advantageous to me. I have no desire to do bald caps, hair, prosthetics etc, just the vtct level 3 makeup artistry route.

I am currently doing a PgCert in Sociology because I want to be able to teach that at A level. I have an interest in psychology and see that a lot of sociology teaching jobs request the ability to teach psychology. Would be a pleasure to take up the psychology PgCert offer I hold for next year but I can't afford more makeup training and the PgCert in psychology. However I think psychology would be a good partner to sociology and teaching something more theory based could be a bit less unpredictable regarding my health.

Aww b*gger! I know this question is very unique and specific but does anyone have any thoughts on this with regards to someone who wants to teach in further education. I'd do both happily but it's about money. Like even if I study both in the long run I wonder which might be best to at least use as a springboard into teaching.

Any advice appreciated!
What is your ultimate goal? If you want to teach in the beauty industry then I think you need to put all your available resources towards achieving that. I took some psychology classes in college, and while I have found them helpful when dealing with the occasional client who is very nervous about permanent makeup or other treatments or is dealing with personal issues, but overall it's really just needing good communication and people skills. These are tools you need in any service industry position. But I don't feel a psychology degree is necessary. So I believe you should only be spending money for classes that further your career unless you want to take them for your own personal fulfillment. Good luck!

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