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Sep 6, 2013
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Hi guys!

Do any of you Waxperts guys & dolls know if you have to be Waxperts trained to purchase the products from S2, or if being trained in waxing (industry recognized) is good enough?

I'm thinking of switching over to them as having one supplier is soo much easier! I will give them a tinkle on Monday, but I thought I might get a quicker answer on here :)

Have a lovely weekend geekies xx
Hi, I had to just send them a copy of my waxing qualification certificate and they let me order. I have since done the course and their warm wax is different to the stuff I use, not as easy to spread far, you have to put on in small amounts and take off quite quickly.
Hope this helps x
Hi LittleMac!

Thats smashing, thanks for the info. I was putting a wax order in tonight to Beauty Express so will skip ordering wax from them & wait till Monday and give S2 a tinkle.

Have a lovely weekend xx
Pleasure, waxperts hot wax is fab! Xx
Just an update incase anyone else has the same question- i emailed over my waxing certs & the restriction was lifted same day :) xx
So pleased to have found this thread - have messaged S2 to ask this question but had no response yet. My course will be accredited by ABT so should be fine hopefully xx

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