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Jan 2, 2012
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Has anybody trained with these? They sent me some information before and was thinking to give it ago?

would love some feed back if anybody has any, xx
Are you qualified as if not I'm not sure if they will train you. I'd really consider a training provider who can teach you more than one method as then you will appeal to a wider client base. There's some great threads on here about training if you search them and lots of feedback too, just make sure you spend your time and money wisely and invest in training that will teach you the "right" way xx good luck xx
I trained with racoon a few years ago the training provided was good however there are other extension companies that offer kinder more affordable systems
Hi yes I'm a hairdresser, thanks I'll start looking at others, I had a few quotes from lush last year, i already have Pre-bonded but want to just re-fresh and move with the times :) xxx
I was on a foundation course with Racoon Last week. The training is excellant but expensive. Their hair is gorgeous and rotation system pratical. im now setting up a web site to advertise. Ive been doing pre bonds for a while but prefer the Racoon system as there is less damage to the hair and removal is easy. All I need are clients to recoop my money, but Im sure, in time, that will happen
I am trained with Racoon and best training and application on the market. You will find sum clients won't wanna pay the cost but move on and build your client base with people who actually want to pay for good hair extensions.

It takes time to build up tho x

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