Rebalancing another tech's work?


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Dec 11, 2011
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I'm after a bit of advice, I have a new client booked in tomorrow for a rebalance of a gel natural nail overlay, I've never done her nails before and don't know what brand she has on her nails at the moment. I'm wondering can I rebalance her nails using my CND Brisa Lite Sculpting gel or do I have to completely remove her existing overlay and start from scratch???
The only reason I ask is because the last time I did a rebalance of someone else's work the nails didn't last two minutes, literally every single one of them lifted of?!?!?! Its happened to me twice now and I'm wondering if its because you can't mix brands??? Yet I have been told you can infill gel with acrylic and Vise versa, is that only if both systems are from the same brand??? What would you lovely geeks do and suggest xxx
You can rebalance on a previous product because that product has already been cured. You might need to look back at your prep possibly if they're lifting straight away..Have you used your full system, cleansed the nail plate well enough, removed all the cuticle from the nail plate, getting product on the eponchyium or side walls?
Yeah, I did everything the same as if I were rebalancing for an existing client, I wondered if its because I was using Brisa Lite to rebalance and should maybe use Brisa hard gel??? Xxx

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