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Mar 14, 2005
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I have a client with allot of red colour in her hair, she wants to get to a base 6 and kill all the red what's the best way?
Hi Keeley,

How long is her hair?
Is it permanent or demi permanent color, that you want to remove?
If it's long the ends will be the hardest thing to strip. So start there, remove the end color first and keep the color remover off of the base.
What condition is her hair in?
Does she have any new growth and is she a natural level 6?

I like Rusk Eliminate (I don't know if it available in the UK). There are some great color removers out there...Goldwells is great. What color line do you use....they may carry one.
You will have to stand over it and watch it...and maybe even apply color remover more than once keeping an eye on the condition of the hair the whole time.
one more question...what level of red is she at now?
To remove the color~ will the stylist have to lift to a level six or higher? Or is she a light red.
Red is the hardest color to get out of the hair and the hardest to get to stay in the hair.

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