Rent a chair as a nail tech?


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Jul 11, 2003
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Hi Anyone have any info on renting a chair in a hairdressing salon in the UK as I about to start but haven't negotiated any rates yet. What is the usual percentage cut for the salon if I am providing all my own equipment. Any other hints and tips welcome.

Hi Julie, and welcome to the board.
There are quite a few of us here that rent space, I for one rent in a hairdressing salon.
You don`t say where you are in the UK although I`m not sure if it`ll make a difference.
I wouldn`t pay more than 25% of your takings in rent, then your retail is yours. Make sure you have a contract and discuss everything you want from the owner and what they want from you in return, make sure its all sorted and in the contract. You don`t want to be a few months down the line with loads of clients and then they decide they want you out and keep your clients too.
Ruth is the best one to tell you the sorts of things you need to have in place, I do believe she had a problem along them lines.
I have done the ignorance is bliss routine and haven`t got a contract, he`s a nice guy and none of them know anything about nails, I also keep my client details with me at all times so they cannot poach them if they were so inclined. Its not the way to do business I know but then I have a lot to learn when it comes to being a business woman.
Good luck with it all and don`t hesitate to ask anything on here
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