Rent a chair what shall I do


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pinky lou

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May 29, 2012
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north west
I've been a hairdresser from leaving school and have recently started as a mobile hairdresser after being a stay at home mum. My friend owns a salon near me and has offered me to rent a chair on a very low rate to start with.

He is currently working on his own and doesn't get alot of new clients, as i'm just starting out i don't have many clients.

How can i advertise myself within a salon? Do i make leaflets for the salon or myself within a salon? Same question for any Facebook advertising.

If i do for the salon do we share the clients between us i.e one for you one for me?
I'll change my prices to his and i have all my own equipment.

There's loads of mobile hairdressers near me so i think the salon will be a better and easier option.
I could have written this myself lol!!!
I'm in the exact same situation.
My friend is opening her own salon next months and while I don't have many of my own clients I'll be offering hair extensions as well and as noone else in that town does I'm hopeful. Even just the salon environment I'm looking forward to

I have my own Facebook and the salon has one which we will be using for everyone so I think as long as your putting in the effort to get new clients in the door it's all good. If you can afford to get some new leaflets even better! Perhaps ask your friend of a new client come in then whoever greets them does them or something similar

Good luck either way x
Thanks for the reply hun, me and my friend are going to share the cost of getting some leaflets done. I've started a like page on Facebook for the salon and thought of some offers. We're going to share the new clients between us and as I'm promoting him aswel as me I don't have to pay rent for a bit.
Good luck with everything hun xx

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