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Nov 26, 2014
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Hi Everyone!

I have two rooms to rent out and have a couple of people interested however I have no idea on the going rate! It will be per day not per treatment and they will supply their own products
One is a reflexologist and the other does sports massage physio therapy and acupuncture

It completely depends on your area. I know a lot of places charge £25 per day or £100 for the week x
That's interesting thank you
The price depends upon quite a few things.
Area (town)
The size of the room (the bigger lends itself to more things so more money)
What is and isn't included information the rent
The condition of the room. ( any plastering or electrical work, new laminate flooring will quite easily cost you £1000)
How busy is the person offering the room to rent. ( if they are really busy you'll pick up more of their customers, )

The odd day £25-£50
A full week, £75 and upwards

Figures only as a guideline as there are too many things that can increase or reduce the rental figure.

GL xx
Thank you very much!! X
Hi Tia,

Where are you based i'm looking to rent a room
In Southampton x
I wish I lived closer x

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