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Oct 23, 2010
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In a month or so il be expanding the salon. Il have two addition treatments rooms.

I currently rent one out once a month to a lady that comes in to do Aesthetics & Semi permanent makeup.

I'm thinking I can make additional profit by renting it out on other various dates throughout the month.

Has anyone had any previous experience with this and what other services I could look at approaching.


I rent out 2 rooms for £25 a day. I have a chiropodist, a reiki lady, a remedial masseuse and a hypnotherapist. They all use the rooms on a weekly basis. You just want to be sure there's no confusion over what you already offer. My charges include everything - even towels - so they literally have to turn up, work, leave.

Vic x
Thanks :) some ideas to get me going xx
I plan on doing the same very soon.

It's a matter of good management, keeping a good record of who's booked that room and what date etc.

But I would expect a big percentage to be empty, as I'm sure dates will clash with other folk who want the same day.

Monday's = nearly always free
Fri & Sat = nearly alway full

Etc etc

Similar to renting a house, it's always better to try to get long term rather than short term tenants, due to the empty period which could eat into your profits.

Interestingly, no one is interested in my Saturdays.

My let's are Monday and Wednesday - remedial massage

Tuesday - hypnotherapy

Thursday - chiropody

Friday - reiki

They are all long term lets and all I request is 3 months notice if they want to quit.

Vic x

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