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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
having trouble sending pm's at the mo but thanks to everyone who has rep'd me :hug::hug:

(btw I thought we couldn't give rep any more? :confused: Is it premium geeks only? Or have I got something wrong)
anyone can pos rep...but mods can pos and neg rep.

been a while since we had a rep thread...(thats a good thing BTW)...:lol: x
Hi Blossom, it is only neg reps that have been taken away. Sam gave us back the option of Positive reps. If you look up in the right hand corner of the post yo will see a green box. click on that to give the poster a positive rep. ;)
The system won't let me pos rep! It says "you are not able to perform this action, please refresh the page and log in before trying again" and I have logged in and I have refreshed the page:grr::grr::grr::grr::grr: . . . grrrrrrrrrrrrr .. . . I am still logging in about every two minutes or so btw, not sure why, Valencian Nails did pm Mr Geekman for me but it's no better:cry:
Blossom~ when you sign in (log in) do you check the box next to your sign in that says "Remember me" ? If you don't have that box checked , the site will log you out after a certain amount of time.
I have tried this before and it didn't work . . .

however, now it does, I have had a very pleasant time not having to keep logging on every thirty seconds. :hug::green:

Thank you!

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