Retail prices for new skin care range

Lady Murasaki

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I have just got some skin care products from options ltd done with my own logo, but I'm stuck on pricing.

I have got:

Cleanser, toner, face mask, face scrub , collagen moisturiser and collagen eye gel

Any price suggestions wold be welcome!
You need to work from your cost price & decide what mark-up you want - 50%, 100% etc. do some research on other similar products & their price points too.

Good luck

Debbs x

Blue Rose

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Have you worked out who your target market is for the products?
Are they salon clients (if you already have a salon) or are you looking for a different clientele?

I'm in the midst of launching a luxury range of Cocoa Lip Balms & the pricing has been the hardest part for me too. However I know I've created a fantastic product & that will be reflected in my price point as I know exactly who I want to market them to.